Years that end in “1”

Early in my career I worked with a former Northrop Grumman employee named Tom Roth. Tom was at least 10 years my senior and had worked in the Aerospace industry for most of his life. He was opinionated about many things. He believed Corn Husker hand cream was the best ever, alfalfa supplements kept him health, and that “Bad things” happen in Aerospace in years that end in “1”.

Well Tom I’m now I am a┬ábeliever!

December 2011 my career at Lockheed Martin Aeronautics ended in lay off. I was one of 1,500 jobs that were lost in the Aeronautics company at all three main sites and feeder plants. Not all the jobs were affected by lay off as I was, many open requisitions were cancelled, volunteer lay offs where offered, retirees were not replaced.

Life for the past two months has been filled with my new career, finding a career!

Check back as I update the developments of finding that new career.


14 thoughts on “Years that end in “1”

    • This is not suprising to hear. I suspected they would continue to cut. I recently hear a rumor Ralph Heath was retiring. I am sure that position will be an internal replacement.

  1. Love this Michael! Nice Job & though very sad…nicely said.
    & Remember…whatEVER happens…we can Face it Together!
    I Love You & have Faith in you…us!

  2. Mike –

    I believe I remember Tom Roth at Northrop. Boy, that is going back a little! Small world.

    Hope all is well.


    • Martha,

      Yes we are doing fine. I am working hard everyday looking for fresh leads. Not as many opportunities at the level I am targeting as hoped. I have been interviewing and sharpening my interview skills when I am able to obtain feedback. Aerospace in general seems flat at the primes, some work at lower tiers, but not management roles.

      Interesting how many others are out of work and looking for new opportunities; some for much longer than myself. I spoke to a graphic artist that has been out for almost a year yesterday. We both are concerned that perspective employers are looking for candidates with multiple skills outside what were the norms in the past. He has been doing some side work creating custom invitations and tee shirts that keeps his skills current and fine tuned. Not sure what I can do to too keep my Quality Manger skills current and fine tuned! Read more books?


    • Oc ac,

      Sorry it has taken me so long to review and approve your comment. Not sure I understand your concern. Do you agree, but don’t think it is worth bringing up? Hope to have continuing dialog.

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