My new Website

November 9, 2014 Update:

I made an improvement to the Bar storage area. See the before and after photos below.

 Before (January 2013)

After (November 2014)

I did the switch of Wooden Shelves  to Glass on Sunday while Kathleen was working at Magic Mountain. When she arrived home the only thing she noticed was that the glassware had been moved. I had to tell he on Friday night that the shelves had been replaced. What do you think? We think it is a nice improvement.

January 11, 2014 Update:

Decided to add the Time Widget to the website. So now I will be able to check my watches and clocks to the atomic clock. (Shockwave Flash required. So this does not work on an iPhone or iPod)


October 10, 2012 Update:

We Painted the House! Thanks Father Robert for all your help prepping the and painting during record heat at the end of September. See the Pre and Post paint pictures below. The pre-paint photo was taken from Google Maps.

Pre -Paint (Google Map Image)


June 19, 2012 Update:

I figure out how to add embedded HTML tags, images, and YouTube Videos. What a great day.

Here is a test of embedding a YouTube video link of my Radio interview with Fred Arnold of American Family Funding. Also added to Home Page as a Blog Post

March 1, 2011 Initial Post:

Welcome to Michael J Angulo’s new WordPress supported website. I am experimenting with Themes, widgets, menus, headers until I get it right! Very interesting and powerful tool set is my first impression. I am struggling with some features like columns on pages like the Resume page. Don’t really want a second column on that page.

Visit often as I learn how to use and master this website creation product.

Thanks Ryan Drake for hosting this site and helping me to locate this tool set to create a professional website and blog.