Latest Visit To USS Midway Museum

Visited the USS Midway Museum with Rick and Darcel Valenta today; 26 August 2018. Great friends that enjoyed the experience with me tell stories about my time aboard so many years ago during my first enlistment. This visit was most rewarding when I learned that my old work center AIMD IM-3 Division W/C 650 has been converted into a learning center just below the Flight Deck. I was able to have one of the Ship’s Safety Officers provide us a quick tour of this recently opened space just below the fight deck and overhanging the bay. I stopped at the information area as we left the the ship and have contact information for the head of Safety. I will try to arrange for a more complete tour of my old work center in the future. The best part was seeing the passageway that I had to clean often that spanned from Port to Starboard on the 03 Deck. It is the site of the forward expansion joint.

My Good Friends Rick and Darcel


Rick and I in E-2 Cockpit

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