2022 Santa Clarita Elks Lodge No. 2379 Chili Cookoff Information Page

Chili Cook-off instructions:

Please notify Michael Angulo the Chili Cook-off Chairman that you are planning to prepare and deliver a chili for the contest ASAP. You can email at micanglo@yahoo.com or by phone or text at 661-803-0696

Prepare a chili for the contest and plan to arrive between 10 AM and 11 AM at the lodge on Saturday September 10th.

Please make a full crock pot of your chili recipe to be Judged by a panel if members, and as a People’s Choice judging.

People’s Choice is how we will raise money for our charity contribution. Each person at the Car and Bike Show will be encouraged to participate in the People’s Choice Chili judging.

Chili Cook-off Chairman will have completed the following Tasks.

Arrive with the team at 8am to start set-up.

Set up the tables, extension cords and plastic disposable table cloths. Table cloths are located in the front men’s room at the top of the cabinet.

The extension cords are in the trophies cabinet below the big lounge TV.

Numbered paper bags for voting on the chili and numbers on the chili crockpots. Somewhere to put the used tasting tickets. Maybe tear them and put in one of the paper bags.

Entry sign in sheet and rules and entry forms.

Do not accept any chili after 11:00 for competition, of course you can accept it for eating.

In the past we have had the judges taste and make their decision before opening tasting to the general public. I think we should try opening tasting while the judges are judging. Only 3 judges this time instead of 5 to expedite the judging process.

The tastings are $5 for 6 tastings. (Contingent on number of entries.)

We have about 50 pre-made tasting bags containing 6 tasting tickets, 3 voting tickets, 6 tasting cups and tasting spoons. If you need more all the supplies will be in the box.

You will plan on having three judges that are not participating in the Cook-Off. It’s has been pretty easy to get volunteers for judging in the past.

Get at least two people to help with the serving of the tastings.  Depending on how many entries, you will need more help.  I recommend one person for every 2-3 entries.  The small ladles for serving are hanging in the kitchen by the front window.

Updates to this set of instructions will be updated as questions and comments are received.

People’s Choice Chili Tasting

6 tastes for $5.00

You will have 3 votes (yellow tickets) 

Place your tickets in the paper bag of your favorite  chili. You can vote for one or three different.