Christmas Eve with Family and Friends

December 24, 2014

We were honored to host Kathleen’s Family and our Friends Rick and Darcel Valenta for Christmas Eve. Here we are all gathered after dinner for the traditional gift exchange.

2014 Christmas Eve (L to R Darcel, Flo, Kathleen, Michael, Robert, Karen, Pat, Rick)

10th Year Anniversary of the USS Midway Museum

August 24th Visit

This is my best friend and Lover. Many of you call her Kathleen. We spent about two hours visiting my old home. A little disappointed that they have not opened any new spaces since our last visit. It was very busy and that is a good thing for this important Museum of Aircraft Carrier Life.

Some of the Marvin Engineering Company Products where found!

Very rusty BRU-14 holding a torpedo in the internal bomb bay of a Lockheed S-3. It could use some refurbishment.

Here we see LAU-7A/3 on F-4 Pylons

MER (Multi Ejection Rack) on a A-7 Intruder.

I think this one is Analog.With what is left of a “Remove Before Flight” flag

Not sure what the 30″ rack is holding the MER

This Ejector Rack (EU) needs Overhaul

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