Years that end in “1”

Early in my career I worked with a former Northrop Grumman employee named Tom Roth. Tom was at least 10 years my senior and had worked in the Aerospace industry for most of his life. He was opinionated about many things. He believed Corn Husker hand cream was the best ever, alfalfa supplements kept him health, and that “Bad things” happen in Aerospace in years that end in “1”.

Well Tom I’m now I am a┬ábeliever!

December 2011 my career at Lockheed Martin Aeronautics ended in lay off. I was one of 1,500 jobs that were lost in the Aeronautics company at all three main sites and feeder plants. Not all the jobs were affected by lay off as I was, many open requisitions were cancelled, volunteer lay offs where offered, retirees were not replaced.

Life for the past two months has been filled with my new career, finding a career!

Check back as I update the developments of finding that new career.

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