WBIC Services

Weather Based Irrigation Controllers (WBIC)

Installation and Test Services Provided

Visit SCVH2OPrograms.com to sign-up for your class to receive your Weather Based Irrigation Controller (WBIC) pictured below.

Now the class will be provided online and a voucher will be provided once you pass the test. Contact Michael Angulo Technical Services once you have your WBIC of voucher to schedule and appointment for your installation in preparation for inspection by SLM (Specialized Landscape Management). 

Michael Angulo Technical Services has been added to the list of installers for this free controller that can save you money watering your lawn based on current weather conditions. You can visit the list of qualified installers at http://scvh2oprograms.com/qualified-installers and you will find many others and myself.

The Castaic Lake Water Agency is expected to achieve a 20% water conservation in Santa Clarita by 2020. Visit the outdoor tips page for details how you should be watering your landscape. This WBIC is part of the plan to help achieve this ambitious water conservation goal. Your newly installed and properly functioning WBIC will turn off automatically if it has been raining or during freezing conditions. It will reduce the amount of water to your landscape in the Winter and increase the amount of water used during the Summer.

Some Before and After of Installations I have completed.

Weather Station

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  1. Mike was on time to install my unit, He went above and beyond his contracted job.
    He did a great job and I recommend him to install these units. He knows what he is doing. Gail K

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