10th Year Celebration of USS Midway Museum

August 24th Visit

This is my best friend and Lover. Many of you call her Kathleen. We spent about two hours visiting my old home. Long lines for the Island Tour. We have been there before and decided to spend more time checking out the aircraft on the Flight Deck. They have many new aircraft added since the last visit. See below some pictures of the products I now work with in my role as a Quality Engineer in the Maintenance, Refurbishment and Overhaul department at Marvin Engineering Co.

A little disappointed that they have not opened any new spaces. They promised to have the “Midway Theater” and “Combat Information Center (CIC)” opened soon. The Museum was very busy with many visitors, many speaking in their native tongue. That is a good thing for this important Museum of Aircraft Carrier Life. It is one of the most popular destinations in the San Diego harbor.

Some Marvin Engineering Company products were found!

Very rusty BRU-14 holding a torpedo in the internal bomb bay of a Lockheed S-3. It could use some refurbishment.

Here we see LAU-7A/3 on McDonald Douglas F-4 Phantom Pylon

MER (Multi Ejection Rack) on a Grumman A-7 Intruder.

This MER’s are Analog. Note the Step/OFF/Homing switch.With what is left of a “Remove Before Flight” flag

Not sure what type of 30″ rack is holding the MER

This Ejector Rack (EU) needs Overhaul