One More Job, It would really turn things around!

I am receiving many emails at this time as the politicians in the Republican Party try to differentiate themselves and win the Presidential nomination for the party. I read some, not all as I find they are full of rhetoric and opinions that I do not necessarily agree with. We need actions and vision to create plans to address the problems that are affecting all of us. Measure the results and make adjustments. Plan, do, check, and adjust works in business, why not try it to reshape our Nation and put Americans back to work?

Unemployment is a real problem that is crippling our Country and affecting Kathleen and I directly. We look almost every day for new opportunities that have been posted. We apply for any listings that are even close to what we believe we are able to be successful based on our training and experience. I have a list that is three pages long of companies that have listed jobs that fall into my area of expertise and check them often. Most require setting up a profile that requires a unique user ID and password. You can be your email address and many different requirements for developing a secure password. And this is why it is now three pages tracking all these different and unique user ID’s and passwords.

We are the fortunate ones at this point, having enough money saved to be able to weather this storm for several months and still have Internet service at home and food in the cupboards and refrigerator. The Internet is how you located work today, much cheaper in the long run than driving to companies making cold calls hoping they have a position you may be suited for with gas prices well above $4.00 a gallon.

If you don’t have Internet at home there are some options, like visiting a local WiFi hotspot, but you have to have a computer to make that work. I have visited our local library a couple of times in the last two week to use their computers to support my job search as my laptop was down. It is depressing to see how many others in Canyon Country residents are there doing the same thing, looking for work while limited to 120 minutes and 10 black and white sheets from the printer each day.

I was inspired when I received a message from Buck McKeon United States Congressman of the 25th District of California on February 26thabout the new initiative he has started. He wrote “For over two years now, our nation’s unemployment rate has been at or above 8%. In the 25th Congressional district, where I serve you, the unemployment rate is much higher.” Buck’s district includes all the layoffs from Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman, Boeing that happened due to the end of the F-22 program and delays to the F-35 program and other cuts to defense spending that fueled the aerospace business of the Antelope and Santa Clarita Valleys.

“Everyone is aware of these statistics, and all of us know someone who is unemployed and desperately seeking employment. To make matters worse, dysfunctional leadership in our nation’s capitol and crippling budget deficits are creating an environment of uncertainty for many companies who want to hire people, but are afraid to do so.”

He had just spoken at the 40th Annual Antelope Valley Business Outlook Conference, where over 1,000 business and community leaders gathered to discuss industry growth in California’s 25th District.

He went on to describe “a new initiative called “One More Job.” We are seeking out businesses in our community to find out what they could do to hire just one more employee.”

How do we get behind this initiative and start moving it beyond just the 25th district of California? Why only in Buck McKeon’s district, if successful we need to broaden this across California and the Nation. Buck asked that we Email him at to give me our ideas.

This is what I can do at this time, share with you that unemployment is not a vacation, and it is a real job that I am taking seriously. By sharing this Initiative with you I am hoping those of you that are employed can start asking your employers and district congressman what they willing to do to add “One More Job” to the businesses and in their district to solve our nation’s ongoing concern of record unemployment.

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Years that end in “1”

Early in my career I worked with a former Northrop Grumman employee named Tom Roth. Tom was at least 10 years my senior and had worked in the Aerospace industry for most of his life. He was opinionated about many things. He believed Corn Husker hand cream was the best ever, alfalfa supplements kept him health, and that “Bad things” happen in Aerospace in years that end in “1”.

Well Tom I’m now I am a believer!

December 2011 my career at Lockheed Martin Aeronautics ended in lay off. I was one of 1,500 jobs that were lost in the Aeronautics company at all three main sites and feeder plants. Not all the jobs were affected by lay off as I was, many open requisitions were cancelled, volunteer lay offs where offered, retirees were not replaced.

Life for the past two months has been filled with my new career, finding a career!

Check back as I update the developments of finding that new career.